The Key to Becoming a Strong Writer

When some people start writing, their intention is to have a little fun, create a cool story to pass around to family and friends, then quit. And that’s perfectly fine!

However, others fall in love with the process, the impact of what a truly well-told story can have, and want to create stories for people to read for years and years.

Some are successful. Others slowly lose that initial drive and inspiration they had in the beginning. For me, I think there’s one key factor that differentiates those who go on to publish incredible stories from those who never get there.

And sure, there are probably a hundred other factors that differentiate them too, but without this one principle, you will never reach your goals and dreams as a writer.

That key principle is CONSISTENCY.

Without consistency, one can’t go very far. Without consistency, one won’t be able to push through the tough times when no story ideas are coming to mind, or you’ve just received an overwhelming amount of edits, or the worst case of writer’s block you’ve ever had comes crashing down on you like the waves of a tossing ocean.

When there is no consistency, no dedication to pick up the pen even when you have no desire to write, the only time you actually will write is when you feel inspired. That might be after listening to an emotional song, or watching a really cool movie. You might sit down and pen out 5,000 words! Wow! That’s great! But if that 5,000 words sits for weeks after you wrote them, without being added to, and never gets you closer to finishing your novel, did they really matter?

Inspiration is great, don’t get me wrong. Writing 5,000 words in a day is one of the coolest feelings ever. But again, if you’re not writing in between those spurts of inspiration that rear up every couple of weeks, you’re not going to get very far. A writer who writes 1,000 words every day for a week writes more words than someone who writes 5,000 words on a single day of the week. That’s the beauty of consistency. If you show up every day (or whenever you’ve chipped out time to write throughout your week), even when you don’t want to, and pick up the pen and jot down something, anything, faithfully and consistently, you will grow as a writer. You will get better, and with each day that you battle that writer’s block, you will become a stronger storyteller and a stronger person.

So don’t give up heart, dear friend. Keep pushing through the hard days. Remain consistent, even when you feel discouraged beyond imagination. Even when you feel like your story will never impact someone. You have a story to share. God has placed that story on your heart. Go forth bravely for Him, and tell the tale He wants you to tell. I believe in you.

Until later,

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8 thoughts on “The Key to Becoming a Strong Writer

  1. I actually super needed this post, Caleb. Both with novel writing and blogging, I struggle a lot with consistency, which is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. So this post was an awesome wake-up call for me!

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    1. I’m really really glad you found this helpful and motivating, Mary! Consistency, even taking things in tiny steps, is really important,and can instantly yield improvement.
      Thank you for reading, and I wish you all the best in your pursuit of consistent writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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