I Won a Short Story Contest!

Hello everyone!

Back in November 2022, a fellow blogger hosted a short story contest on her blog! The short stories were only allowed to be 1,000 words or shorter, so just for fun, I thought I’d write something and submit it!

Well, to my surprise, I actually placed first in the contest! My short story got featured on her blog, and I thought I’d post the link here for anyone to go check it out and read my story if they wanted to!

So without further ado, here’s the link to the winner announcement and my short story: Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Roses!

If you decide to read it, I hope you enjoy! It was really fun to write (if a bit challenging, due to only having 1,000 words to work with!)

That’s all for this week! Have a wonderful day! 😄


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12 thoughts on “I Won a Short Story Contest!

      1. Indeed it was a short word count. But, I didn’t want to read like 10 4,000 word stories! (I know you get it) I hope in the future to host a longer word count, with more time etc. You really should host a short story contest Caleb, I think you’d enjoy it, plus it’s a great activity! (and giving prizes from the YWW merch is like one of the best ideas I think so far)

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      2. Haha yes, respect for you reading through so many short stories, even if they were just 1,000 words, that’s hard work as it is!
        It does seem like a lot of fun! 😀


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