Character Bio: Flogii

Name: Flogii Story: A Silence in the Shadows Occupation: None Equipment: None, but has wizard magic Special Note: Flogii and Crog, another wizard, used to travel the lands fighting strange beasts and saving villages from their wrath. Flogii, the nice old man Jered and Faal gave eggs to once a week, was really a wizard. … Continue reading Character Bio: Flogii


How to Write With More Speed and Excitement

You write as fast as you can, sweating and grunting with every word you pound out, and then two minutes after writing several long, amazing paragraphs, you think to yourself, Wow! I've been writing a ton! I think I'll look down and check my word count! So you glance down, that sweat trickling down your … Continue reading How to Write With More Speed and Excitement