Poem: Groggy Forest

The branches move and sway.

A squirrel comes out to play.


The sun begins to rise without a sound.

The light plays out onto the ground.


The birds rise and begin to sing.

Foxes come out and see the beautiful spring.


The breeze brings the mice out of their home.

They chatter and run and together they roam.


A river gurgles, jumps and plays,

feeling joy in being part of the days.


As the sun reaches its full height in the air,

The forest wakes up with joy and care.

Well, here you go guys. I actually wrote a poem! This one wasn’t written three years ago! Haha! At long last I have written a poem!!

So, now I want an honest answer. What did you think? Did you like it? Not like it? Hate it? Absolutely despise every single word? Lol I hope not! Please chat in the comments! I would love to know what you think! 😃

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10 thoughts on “Poem: Groggy Forest

  1. First of all, I absolutely love the header image! It really sets the tone for your poem! Second of all, the poem felt very bouncy and springy. It reminds me that there’s a light at the end of this wintery tunnel. 🙂 It did take me a moment to kind of find the rhythm in the poem, but I love the imagery and the language you’ve used! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!

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