3 Reasons Why You May Not Have Time to Read

Picture this. There’s this book, sitting on your desk. You’ve managed to get through some of it, and you’d love to read more, but there’s just one problem. You just can’t read it. Maybe you’re always rushing from one activity to the next, or every time you pick up the book something distracts you, or … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why You May Not Have Time to Read

Book Review: Adorning the Dark

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! Today I have something very exciting--my first ever book review! I have never done one of these so please forgive me if I mess anything up. Okay, got it? Then let's move on! Adorning the Dark, by Andrew Peterson Pages: 224 Genre: Non-Fiction Review: 5/5 Stars When I heard Andrew Peterson … Continue reading Book Review: Adorning the Dark