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Hi there! On this page, you can find out just exactly what projects I am currently working on.


A Silence in the Shadows

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Status:  Final Edits!!

Words: 77,000


Jered and Faal Willii live a poor and content life in the oppression of strange hooded men called the tax collectors, who steal their family’s crops and money.

When their old friend is attacked by the tax collectors and tells them that the strange men are evil, he sends them on a journey to receive magical powers from a wizard far away in the mountains. They decide to use their new powers against the tax collectors—who they find out are strange monsters called Ocpots—but when they return, their village has been overrun. The fight is too much for them—until the Silents show up.

The Silents, a group of men and women trained in the arts of stealth, fighting, and endurance, have sworn to destroy the threat to their world at all cost. Jered and Faal join forces with the Silents and begin to fight against the Ocpots, but it is far from over. They discover that the leader of the Ocpots is searching for something that could make him rule all.

Jered and Faal, now Silents, along with their friends Crater, Belak, and Angela, strive to defeat their enemy, but are their wizard powers, their friends, and their relationship strong enough to prevail?

Raid of the Krames

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Series Name: Mail Chronicles

Series Number: Book 1 of 5

Status: First Draft

Words: 23,000Two young brothers, Jered and Faal Willii, are poor, hungry, and a little lonely. Their lives are simple, and they wish for more.Words: 23,000


When the kingdom of the Krames strike at the peaceful new kingdom of Mail, there is war in the air. A traitor in Mail is letting the Krames in, and everyone else must find who it is before the enemy overpowers him.

Sir Cullen, a knight of Mail, tries to find this out, along with defending his kingdom and training and protecting a new page that is being constantly bullied by the others.

Young Duke Gimplin, the bullied page, struggles too survive training as well as survive the attacks on the kingdom.

At last there is only one way to turn to resolve the war: a battle. But who will come out on top? The kingdom of Mail, or the dreaded Krames?

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