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Genre: YA Medieval Fantasy

Status: Second Draft

Words: 33,600


The yearly hunt to track down and kill as many of the Harta wolves in the forest of Molee as possible is about to begin. For years, the Men of Molee have tried to keep back the wolves, always telling each other that they are vicious creatures.

Gonden More, however, a common foot soldier, thinks perhaps they aren’t as bad as everyone as made them out to be. When one of the Harta wolves is injured in the hunt and forgotten in the rush, Gonden sneaks away to the forest each night to help him, and realizes many astonishing things about the Harta wolves that are bound to alter life in the snowy kingdom of Molee forever…

Raid of the Krames

Mock Cover!

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Series Name: Mail Chronicles

Series Number: Book 1 of 5

Status: Second Draft

Words: 28,000


The young kingdom of Mail is being attacked. Disguised as bandits, the kingdom of the Krames, just miles from Mail’s borders, have infiltrated…with the help of a traitor from inside.

Sir Cullen Jarman, a knight of Mail, struggles to discover who the traitor to his kingdom is, help a bullied page survive training to be a knight, and save his kingdom from the Krames—before it is too late.

NOTE: Works in progress.

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