Taking a Break… (Hiatus Announcement)

Over five years ago, I set up this blog with the hopes of sharing my writing with the world--to have a place where I could finally let people read what I'd been working on. But after just the first few posts, it became so much more. It became a place of community--where I could interact … Continue reading Taking a Break… (Hiatus Announcement)

Fictional Poem: Death of the Day

I came up with the first two stanzas of the poem you're about to read one day while I was at work. They came to me in the form of a song, but, because I, unfortunately, can't sing to save my life, and don't know a professional singer who could turn this into a song … Continue reading Fictional Poem: Death of the Day

People don’t talk about this writing tip enough…

If you've been a writer for any amount of time and you've looked up YouTube videos and articles on your writing interests, you'll know that there is a vast ocean of writing tips for free everywhere you turn. From dialogue, to outlining, to world-building, to deciding whether it should be "than" or "then", everyone has … Continue reading People don’t talk about this writing tip enough…

Sacrificial War: A Flash Fiction

“Don’t go. I don’t want you to leave.” Little Maggy’s eyes burned into Carson’s. Their hazel complexion always reminded him of a sparrow’s wings, soaring high above the earth, sparkling and free. Now they were broken, defeated. Coated with the dull stain of dust. Carson knelt on one knee, lifting his calloused fingers to his … Continue reading Sacrificial War: A Flash Fiction

Christmas Poem: The Greatest Gift + My First Guest Post!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We're only a week away from the wonderful holiday, and I hope everyone has had an amazing December so far. Today I wanted to share a Christmas poem I wrote, which was for a Christmas-themed blog party a fellow writer, Allie Andersen, hosted on her blog this year! That means that this … Continue reading Christmas Poem: The Greatest Gift + My First Guest Post!