Two Fall Haikus

Ripples: A leaf falls gently It sweeps a pond’s clear surface The water ripples Crunch: From green to light gold The leaves dry and hit the ground For the feet to crunch! When I got the idea to write these, I was just thinking that I shouldn't let this beautiful season go away before I … Continue reading Two Fall Haikus

Writing Snippet: Raid of the Krames

The following is another snippet from my current WIP, Raid of the Krames. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Cullen took his customary seat next to the other generals at the table in the knight’s meeting hall, illuminated by many lanterns set onto the walls. Sir Flynn, commander of the entire knight order, sat at the very … Continue reading Writing Snippet: Raid of the Krames

5 Ways to Craft Your Characters With Your Themes

Sometimes when we write the themes to our stories, we don’t consider the vast subject of crafting our characters to fit our theme. Many times we craft them separately, first creating the theme, and then creating the characters (or vice-versa). That is a big mistake. Whenever you’re crafting your characters, you should always have the … Continue reading 5 Ways to Craft Your Characters With Your Themes