Writing Comics #4 (Chad)

Yay! More Chad comic strips! These three are a connected story. I hope you enjoy! I hope you liked these strips! They were a ton of fun to make! By the way, merry late Christmas and happy early New Year! See you all in 2020! 😉 Enjoyed this? Want more from me? Join my Email … Continue reading Writing Comics #4 (Chad)

Writing Comics #3 (Chad)

Hello everybody, and welcome to another Chad post! 😀 I have two for you today, one is about writing, the other...is not. XD Hope you enjoy. This one makes me laugh! Btw, not beating up on Geometry Dash, I think it's a pretty fun game. XD That's it for this week! I hope this post … Continue reading Writing Comics #3 (Chad)

Why I Didn’t Do NaNo 2019 (And Why It’s Okay Not To)

After I learned that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was a thing, I've always felt a sort of pressure each year November comes. I feel like, "Well, everyone else is doing it, and it makes you a better writer, so I should be participating this year and writing 50,000 words in thirty days." But, the … Continue reading Why I Didn’t Do NaNo 2019 (And Why It’s Okay Not To)

5 Ways to Craft Your Characters With Your Themes

Sometimes when we write the themes to our stories, we don’t consider the vast subject of crafting our characters to fit our theme. Many times we craft them separately, first creating the theme, and then creating the characters (or vice-versa). That is a big mistake. Whenever you’re crafting your characters, you should always have the … Continue reading 5 Ways to Craft Your Characters With Your Themes

How to Write on a Consistent Schedule

There are times when something is making you not want to write. It might be procrastination. It might be writer’s block. It might be sheer stress, or discouragement, or timidness, or world-building problems, or...anything! Whatever it is, it always feels like there’s just this weight on you whenever you think about writing. That happens a … Continue reading How to Write on a Consistent Schedule