Stay Here: a summer poem

Can I stay here?

Where the grass meets my fingertips,

and God feels so near.


Where I close my eyes and breathe until my lungs hurt,

filled with a lazy summer day’s air, clean and pert,

and the whispering wind tugs and plays with my shirt.


Can I stay here?

Where I smell the earthy scent of dirt and

a bee buzzes by my ear.


Where the promise of spring has finally arrived,

the sun has risen, laughing children play outside,

and the constant yearning for light in my heart thrives.


Can I stay here?

Where the sky is cloudless

so blue and clear.


Where I can let my mind roam and don’t think dark thoughts.

Where my heart feels at peace, finds the desire I sought.

Where passion for poetry and stories is wrought.


Can I stay here?

Where God’s creation grounds me,

and chases away my fear?

I hope you enjoyed that poem, dear reader! I love summer and the blanket of peace I find resting in nature, surrounded by the golden warmth of a summer afternoon. If even a sliver of that feeling was transferred to you through this poem, it was a great success! I hope you have an incredible rest of your summer.

Until later,

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