Rare Moment: a description poem

Morning, with fresh air and damp grass soft turf under my feet, as I stand, still and at peace bumble bees putting around flowers, treacherously lifting their great mass a soft breeze ruffling my hair and cooling my face, a moment I never wish to release ~ My nose catches the clear smell of the … Continue reading Rare Moment: a description poem

Icicle: a haiku, and two more

I hope you all enjoy these winter haikus I wrote! Icicle: A stream of water drips to make an icicle, frozen and sparkling. Morning Frost: I wake up to frost. A foggy, peaceful morning. I smile and feel joy. Snowflakes: Rain falls and freezes. No snowflakes the same design. All great and unique. Haikus are … Continue reading Icicle: a haiku, and two more