3 Reasons to Read Books in Your Genre

One of the most popular pieces of advice a lot of people say is "Read widely!" or, "Read good books and bad books, so you can learn the difference between them." Now, I'm not disagreeing with those pieces of advice at all. I think that reading lots of books in lots of different genres is … Continue reading 3 Reasons to Read Books in Your Genre

3 Wonderful Benefits of Blogging!

I'm not going to lie, when I started blogging in 2017, at the wee young age of 13, I was only going into it with the goal to create a platform so that people would buy my future books. That was it. My view of blogging, platform, and marketing has changed a lot in the … Continue reading 3 Wonderful Benefits of Blogging!

Writing Characters Your Readers Care About

Writing characters can be one of the most difficult things you'll come across while writing a story. Well, maybe characters aren't the hardest thing. But creating a character who seems authentic and life-like, a character your readers care about? That's a different story! Writing great characters is very difficult. I honestly feel like my characters … Continue reading Writing Characters Your Readers Care About