Poem: Looking Up

Been looking down at where my feet land every day,

trying to make sure my steps are flawless, on track.

Afraid that one look up will make me lose my way,

stray from the path and be unable to come back.


Refusing to leave the house and have fun with friends,

terrified that a moments rest from all my stress

will lead to all of my dreams coming to dead ends.

But this fear is just as bad, leaving me a mess.


I know deep down exactly what I need to do.

I must stop giving into fear, doubting God’s plan.

I must embrace His timing, and recall what’s true.

If I do, this troublesome burden may lift then.


How many times have I witnessed people reflect,

that it’s not the end goal that make callings worth it,

but the fun of the ride, the people you affect,

and most of all, the inspiring light you emit.


So I think it’s time to straighten, lift high my head,

keep a straight path on the road, but also letup

enough to fully view the glamour of life spread

wide out before me, because now I’m looking up.

I hope you enjoy this poem, and that it helps remind you to relax a little! I tend to worry about all the little things in life, and create the worst possible outcomes in my head. So looking up, relaxing a little, and trusting God is something I need to continuously remind myself to do.

Thank you so very much for reading!

Until later,

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