The Lockdown Tag 2020

Yes, I know, this is a very very odd, non-writing-or-book-related tag and post, but...we're in lockdown! I didn't know what to post this week! And I got tagged! So heck, let's do it! 😀 Um...thanks for approving, Kylo. And thanks, Lydia, for tagging me! Rules:  Thank the blogger who nominated you. Answer blogger’s questions. Nominate other bloggers. … Continue reading The Lockdown Tag 2020

Short Story: Unafraid

This time he would hit it. Power surged through Terrance’s arms. He felt the warmth of the glow on his face, the tingle of power in his fingers. Lifting his head and opening his eyes just a crack, he locked onto the hay bale thirty paces away. Come on, Terrance. You can do it this … Continue reading Short Story: Unafraid