Motivational Poem: Crawling

I’m crawling, climbing, fingers dig into the dirt. I’m falling, slipping, My feet backslide a little. ~ Teeth grind together. Stinging, raw fingers find grip again. A journey I weather, ascending the mountain of Life. ~ I see pits in the rock face. Gnarled hands reach out to snag me. They say to give up … Continue reading Motivational Poem: Crawling

The Importance and Power of the Climax

Ah, the climax. The part that everyone always gets to when reading a book. Unless they set the book down. Or the book doesn't have a climax. Whiiich would be weird. Almost every book has a climax, the part of the book that reveals much of the secrets that come up throughout the story, brings … Continue reading The Importance and Power of the Climax