Poetry: Two Summer Haikus

Rising Sun: Light pours through the land that was once veiled in shadow from the bright warm sun Sand and Sea: Soft sand under foot sun blazing in the clear sky water gleams ahead First there was the Fall Haikus. Then the Winter Haikus. Then the Spring Haikus! How could I stop there? Of course … Continue reading Poetry: Two Summer Haikus

10 of My Favorite Books Ever (Outside My Genre)

Hello, there! Welcome to part 2 of my 10 of My Favorite Books Ever posts! This time we're going to be talking about 10 of my favorite books OUTSIDE of my genre. (So basically anything besides fantasy). #1: Adorning the Dark This. Book. Is. Phenomenal. Written by Andrew Peterson, the author of the Wingfeather Saga, … Continue reading 10 of My Favorite Books Ever (Outside My Genre)