Yes, it is true! I am officially a published author!

Now before you ask: no, it’s not a book. No, it’s nothing massive. Let me elaborate.

For over two years now, I’ve been submitting my writing to this awesome site, Story Embers. They are a Christian writing website that has a great forum, articles on writing, and a bunch of other stuff. One of the things they do is accept submissions of short stories, poems, and articles. I’ve sent them countless short stories and poems. Every single time, I got rejected. (You can read my post on my first rejection here)

There were so many times the past year that I wanted to give up. I thought they didn’t accept my last poem, why would they accept this one?

But guess what I did? I kept submitting. I submitted every poem I wrote that I really liked. Every single time, an email would pop into my inbox, telling me that it wasn’t good enough. That my writing wasn’t good enough. That I had been rejected.

Then, just a couple weeks ago, I wrote a poem that I really enjoyed. I had some people look over it, critique it, and polish it up. Then, with a deep breath, I sent it into Story Embers, just like always.

Fast forward a week after I sent it in. The response email sat in my inbox when I checked my mail. With a heavy heart, I opened it, determined to speed-read the rejection letter and continue on with my day. But instead of words like “decided to not publish” or “was too weak” or “didn’t sound right”, I saw the words “congrats!” and “your poem has been accepted”. My heart stopped. I stared for a long moment at the letter, reading it over and over again. Then I freaked out. I was going to be published. For the first time in my life, someone else had read my writing and decided that it was good enough to publish.

And so here we are! I am officially a published author!

Where can you read this poem, you ask? I’m glad you did! It’s now available on the Story Embers site. You can read my published poem, “Sketches” right here!

Thank you everyone for sticking with me, and supporting me in my writing. This is a huge milestone for me, and I can’t wait for the day when I’ll be able to hear the words, “Your novel has been accepted to be published.”

Until then, I will push on and keep writing.

If I can leave you guys with anything after this rather long story of a post, it would be to NEVER EVER EVER give up! Don’t ever do it! Keep pushing. Keep working. Keep improving. One day you’ll be so good that whoever is rejecting you will no longer be able to do so.

Don’t forget to read my poem here!

Thanks again,

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15 thoughts on “I GOT PUBLISHED!

  1. DUDE! That is so awesome! Congrats on getting published and pushing through despite the rejections! Soon, you’ll be on your way to seeing the words “Your novel has been accepted to be published.” 😉

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