Cringing at My Old Writing!

Well hello there! Glad to see you here. I was randomly brainstorming some blog post ideas one day and this one popped into my head. I thought it would be entertaining if I dug up a few ancient stories in my labyrinth of LibreOffice Word Documents and see if I can't cringe at some old … Continue reading Cringing at My Old Writing!

Two Hopeful Haikus

Dawn The sun sets at night and darkness falls, but don’t fear, for dawn must follow. A Kind Word When you look around and see others struggling too, one kind word can help. Thank you so much for reading my haikus! I really hope you enjoyed and were encouraged by them. I always love writing … Continue reading Two Hopeful Haikus

Can’t Stay Motivated With Your Writing Project? Try This!

Running out of motivation halfway through a novel, short story, or any writing project is extremely common! I've seen many ambitious young writers start a novel, stoked to write and motivated to draft the entire thing. Then, partway through, all of that drive seems to die away and get lost in the dull words and … Continue reading Can’t Stay Motivated With Your Writing Project? Try This!