How to Write With More Speed and Excitement

I Wuvs Writing! ColorYou write as fast as you can, sweating and grunting with every word you pound out, and then two minutes after writing several long, amazing paragraphs, you think to yourself, Wow! I’ve been writing a ton! I think I’ll look down and check my word count!

So you glance down, that sweat trickling down your forehead, and you gasp as you see that you have only written one hundred words in ten minutes.

Yep. I get that feeling all the time. When writing is so hard and you just can’t seem to get anything out. Well, here are a few ways to wipe that sweat off your forehead and start slamming down page after page.

1. Take a Break

TAKE A BREAK?!!? Yeah. I’m telling you to take a break. Even though you want to write words, if you write them for too long, you start to wear down and you need a break. And taking a break really isn’t that bad! You shut your screen down or drop you pen, and walk away from your writing for a little while. It doesn’t have to be for that long. Just walk outside for a few minutes, look far, stretch, get a snack, or whatever you want to do on your break, and then get back to writing! This clears your mind and really increases your productivity.

2. Focus on Story and Plot

When I only focus on the word count, the pages, and how thick the novel is going to be while I write, I write some really bad sentences.

So while writing, don’t focus on the word count. Don’t focus on the page numbers. Now, keep your eye on it, and if you get over 25,000 words, celebrate! If you get over 40,000 words, celebrate again! But if you only focus on that, the words begin to droop, and you start writing less and less, because you see the words aren’t coming out as fast as you’d like.

So focus on the story and plot, and the words and pages will come as soon as they should for the stories pace.

3. Get Feedback

Now for some people, getting feedback from their friends, family, and fellow writers can damage their productivity and make them depressed and feel their writing isn’t good enough to keep going.

Others feel encouraged that the people took the time to read and critique their story. It’s really up to you and your personality, but if you haven’t tried this yet, you just might want too! For me, I feel really excited to get going again and make the story better.

So there are some ways to get going and increase your writing speed and excitement. Take a small, five minute break, don’t focus on the word count and focus on the stories plot, and if it helps you get all powered up, get some feedback from someone, and get those fingers over the keyboard … or gripping the pen.


Excited already?  I hope so!  Tell me if this helped you out in the comments, and if you are ready to get writing again! 🙂

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