Chapter of a Novel: A Silence in the Shadows: The First Fight

Hey!  So today I’m going to share with you guys a complete chapter of my novel, A Silence in the ShadowsThis is coming from a novel in progress, so be ready for many typos and grammatical mistakes.  Also, it is chapter nine, so you may not know exactly what’s going on because it’s a good way into the story, but enjoy!



Jered’s sword was drawn. His aim was perfect. His body was poised, ready for battle. His feet were outstretched. His weapon held in perfect balance.

Suddenly, something dawned on Jered as the ground loomed closer. He didn’t know how to fight with his sword. He had fought with sticks against Faal at home, but no real training. Nothing like that had come to mind. The ground was to close. Jered could not change anything. He landed hard. He tried to roll, stop his fall, but it hurt bad. Faal landed a little more lightly than Jered in a crouching position. He lost balance, but quickly supporting himself with his right arm, he leaped up and drew his sword. Jered stumbled to his feet. He was in enemy territory. One of the leopard men saw him, and yelled out to his friends. They all growled and bared their sharp teeth.

They may not have weapons, but they still have their claws and their teeth! Jered thought with growing dread. And they know how to use them!

Too late. The leopard leaped. Faal squawked and running from the thing, swung his sword. It was a clumsy cut, but the strike was true. It smashed down on the leopard’s leathery neck. The sword cut through. The leopard yelled. He dropped to the ground, whining. Jered swung his sword. A leopard was ready. It swiped at the sword and it fell from Jered’s hands. The enchanted weapon clattered on the cobblestone path too far away to reach. The leopard smiled and raised it’s claws, fangs drooling and dripping with green liquid. His fur was standing on end, claws ready to strike, cloak flapping in the wind. Jered ducked with instinct as the leopard swung.

Jered grunted as he leaped for the leopard. It was off balance and Jered landed a lucky kick. The foot strike smashed the leopard off the ground. He fell. Getting up again, the leopard growled and lunged with teeth showing beneath his ugly curled brown lips. It threw it’s whole weight into the jump. Jered ducked and the leopard flew over him in a quick flip. The leopard clumsily hit the ground on his back. He groaned and looked up at the sky, his eyes glazed over and in a daze.

In a quick flash, Jered hopped and then sprinted for his sword and did a one handed somersault as he grabbed his bright weapon with his other hand. He landed amazingly on his feet. He did not know how he had done it all. Then realization hit him with the force of a battle ax.

The powers. The powers Crog had given them. Not only did it do special things, it aided them in combat, making them stronger and faster. Jered looked for Faal. He spotted him already cutting the ropes holding the boat with lots of the gold and treasure on it to the dock. The boat rocked, and Faal cut the last strand of the rope he was sawing at. There was one more rope left that secured the boat to the dock. The boat swung crazily, straining to get free of the thick strand of cord and be lost in the current of the river.

Jered charged at the rope and sawed with all his might. Faal fended off the leopards, leaping and dodging to distract their enemies. Done. The rope was cut, and the boat was caught in the stream of water. The boat careened through the water, it’s store of gold and goods clanging inside. The leopards yelled with anger. The boat lurched and lots of the gold spilled into the river. Jered and Faal smiled at each other. Whatever they wanted that load of goods for, the mission was a success. Now they had to get away. Jered started toward the river. He would have to escape with that. He ran along the river bank, thinking of what to do next. He heard Faal and the leopards close behind him. Nothing was happening, other than him and Faal starting to get tired. The leopards were not. They were getting closer!

“We have to get out of here!” Faal said in a panicked voice through deep, ragged breaths. Jered only nodded. He was running faster than he ever had.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the boat he had freed from the ropes. He ran to it. He was catching his second wind. So was Faal. The two of them leaped aboard the boat. It was their only hope.

They looked and saw that the rope that had been trailing behind the boat was caught onto a jagged rock not far under the rippling water. Faal started sawing at it while Jered tried to turn the rudder. It had to go down the stream. If the leopards caught up, they would be killed. Faal cut the last bit of rope. Jered turned the rudder.

The boat lurched sideways, and went into the stream, but the first leopard monster man found a vine on the rocks, and swung aboard. Another one did the same, and then another, and then another, but the boat was too far away for the rest to come.

Four big leopards crouched in attack, Jered and Faal drew their enchanted swords. They rose high to strike the leopards down. The leopards growled, and leaped. Jered swung first, his sword crushing one of the beasts’ bones and slicing a large gash into it’s hide. The leopard screamed with agony and went limp, falling off it’s feet and thudding limply on the floor.

Faal swung next, planting his feet strongly on the deck. He smashed the leopard into the moving water of the stream. Jered knew that if the leapords they were fighting were soldier’s, they would be dead on the deck. Luckily these were just leapords that loaded the goods into the boat and sent them off. They didn’t really have any skill, they just wanted something to bite into.

Jered swung his sword and sliced into the leopard he was fighting. The leopard roared and sliced his claws through the air toward Jered, and Jered pulled away just in time. The claws skimmed Jered’s shoulder. Jered knocked the leopard off of the boat and into the water to finish him off. He was amazed that he was holding out so long, even with weak leopards to fight.

They smashed the last two leopards off the boat, and they escaped. The two brother sheathed their swords, and slapped each other on the back. They smiled and nodded and they went to control the boat, and they knew that the river led them right to their village. After the fierce fight, the powers, and the traveling to the old wizard Crog, they would finally get to go back to their wonderfully and incredibly warm and cozy old cottage, at long last.

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A Silence in the Shadows

Caleb E King

Copyright © 2018 Caleb E King

All rights reserved.

Note: This piece of work has been specifically selected and edited for the convenience of the readers, and came from a novel in progress. Not an official piece of the novel.

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