Poem: Lights in the Night

The day is light, warm,

bright, friendly, welcoming.

Bees gather and swarm.


Butterflies flutter through

the dappled sunlight.

Flowers bloom, fresh and new.


It is when the night comes

when the joy disappears,

and cold seeps in, chills, numbs.


The animals scurry away.

Fear grips them all,

at the disappearance of day.


Barn owls hoot loudly and crickets cheep and chirp,

the calls ringing in the dark,

taking over soft day sounds, they laugh and usurp.


But then they appear,

pinpricks of light in the harsh black,

like many a shining tear.


Only in the deep, dull, hopeless dark

are the stars able to be seen,

some dull, twinkling, falling in an arc.


But they are all there,

gleaming in the twilight,

glinting, dancing, shining with care.


Lights in the night,

the stars glimmer, dance,

burn a calm bright.


They glow and beam and sear,

as the darkness grows so do the stars,

until day again draws near.

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4 thoughts on “Poem: Lights in the Night

  1. Every time I read your poetry, it makes me want to write poetry! He-he. XD I absolutely enjoyed this one, especially as I am reading it outside! The details were so vivid and I could literally picture it all in my mind. That is what I like to see when I read, descriptive language!

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