My Process of Writing a Blog Post (in a Blog Post!)

My Process of Writing a Blog Post (in a Blog Post!) Color

Ever having trouble knowing just how to write those blog posts so that they look nice and fun? Now, I’m dealing with this too. I don’t know how much decoration I should have in it, how much serious stuff I should have in it, and how much humor I should have in it. But it’s nearly been a year of blogging for me so I know a little bit about this. (Should I crack a joke right now or not? 😉)

So today, this is what I’ll be showing you all MY process of writing a blog post, in a blog post!! 😀 How fun is that?

Okay, let’s get down to business.

1: The Idea

Obviously it all starts as an idea. I keep a document of every post idea that comes to mind, be it fiction or non-fiction. Then when I see that my scheduled posts are running low, I quickly leap into that document and dig through it to find a good post idea. (This is a digital document, yes. I don’t really dig through it. Maybe it’s more like scroll through it.)

Then after that, I quickly outline, and start to write!

2: The Writing

Writing isn’t that hard. It’s probably may favorite part. (Heck, why are we called writers if we don’t like writing?!)

With the outline and knowing exactly where I’ll be going with the post, I can leap right ahead. It doesn’t take long, and after a few minutes of flying through that bland looking, hardly serious, and humor packed post, I’m ready to edit.

3: The Editing

This it absolutely the least fun thing. But hey, we’re not called editors, we’re called writers! This probably should be the least fun thing!!

I run through the post once just to read it, and then I go back and fix AAAAAAAAAAAAALL the typos. Isn”t iT Funy hwo their’s so maNy? thy al seem two kinnd of hIide in tthe pOst!

When there are NO typos that I can see, I either run through it one more time, or have someone else check it over. (These days I’ve been lazy and not asked someone else for help. But I really should!) Hoo nos, they’re still cood bee tipos aRownd!

4: The Picture

The picture. Now I don’t see a whole lot of bloggers do this but I LOVE it! Create your own little picture just for your post! If you’ll look at all my earlier writing tip posts, I draw these little dudes that I call Marsh-Mella men! They’re kind of like my blog mascots. I draw my own little entertaining picture that fits my post so that people will be attracted to it! Who doesn’t want to click on a post that has an adorible marshmellow-like man having a ton of fun eating snacks and looking at a laptop? You don’t really have to do this but hey, this post is about my process, so I’m adding this part in!

5: The Formatting

After I’m done with the picture I toss it all into a new WordPress blog post, shiny it up, and add the picture. Sometimes I fiddle around with




paragraphs, or

word sizes

to make it look nice. Then we’re done with the post! I add tags so people can find my stuff better, schedule, and then hit the button!

6: POST!

(This step is pretty self-explanatory!)

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Please talk! What did you think about this post? Do you think it’ll help you write better posts? Maybe your just getting started with blogging so that is really helpful to you! I don’t know, but I hope it’s helpful in some way. So tell me about it! 😀

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