Character Bio: Ocpot Soldier

Name: Ocpot Soldier
Story: A Silence in the Shadows
Occupation: The Ocpot Army
Equipment: Varies
Special Note: The Ocpots were actually not always evil, and they wanted to live in peace with the human race.

The Ocpots, the fierce and cunning race controlled by the monster Ath, first attacked the people when they became the “Tax Collectors”. Later, they began to attack without hiding their true identity, and they were feared throughout the land, until the Silents showed up and began to knock the Ocpots back, using their power and wits. The Ocpots are strong and tough, but they don’t come up with very good plans, and are not trained very well. They are large targets, and usually attack in large numbers. Easy to take down, but what happens when five attack one?

Ocpot Soldier

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