Novel Snippets: A Silence in the Shadows: Belak’s Escape

It’s now or never. Twenty eight year old Belak Mander thought. He was crouched in a strange, tight position, his hands gripping the side of the wall. The guard had turned away. With a quick gasp and a leap, Belak had leaped through his open cell door, and began to sprint as fast as he could toward the exit of the prisons.

“Hey!” A growling voice yelled from behind him.

Belak closed his eyes for a moment, and then opened them and kept running. The guard, the one he had waited at least an hour for to turn away, had spotted him almost immediately.

They’re impossible to fool! Belak thought, his legs pumping wildly. Now he saw it. The open door. With a wild cry, Belak jumped toward the door, hope filling his heart. He would be free from the torture! Free from his enemies!

He hurtled his body out the door, stumbled on a tree root, and then looking around frantically, began to run for the woods that were not far away. He had no idea where he was going, but he knew that anywhere he ran would take him away from this dreadful place. He grunted as he ran, his breath coming in large gulps, his legs slowly beginning to turn into rubber.

Need to get free. Need to get free. The frantic calling in his mind sent him running even faster than before. Suddenly, he heard a sword unsheathe behind him and the footsteps of clawed feet. They were after him already. There was no escape.

Unless I outrun them.

Wind whistled through Belak’s ears as he ran from the most dreaded enemy he had ever faced in his life. Gasping for breath, Belak leaned over. He turned his head. He had lost them for a moment, but Belak knew better than to wait for long. They would be here soon.

Just a little rest. Just a little. I’m so tired . . .

A branch cracked. Belak whirled around. There it was. It had caught up to him.

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A Silence in the Shadows

Caleb E King

Copyright © 2018 Caleb E King

All rights reserved.

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