Novel Snippets: A Silence in the Shadows: The Dragon Attacks

The Samman spotted Faal and Jered immediately. It growled dangerously. The red scales of the dragon-like creature shown in the sunlight streaming through the tree branches. The lion head of the Samman rotated, taking in the terrain and the two boys. The spiked tail batted the ground in excitement.

The Samman smiled, if it could smile. It burst out of the cave, which was a large hole in the ground, tunneled by the Samman themselves. The largest Samman caves that had been explored were reported to be several miles deep.

For the first time, Jered saw how huge the Samman truly was. It flew over head, it’s bird wings beating the air, blotting out the sunlight.

Jered and Faal were dazed. They soon came out of their stupor as the Samman burst fire from it’s mouth, licking the ground that was just inches away from the two boys.

Jered and Faal yelled at the same time, and ran for cover. The creature breathed in deeply, and then released, and shot fire again.

The fire almost caught Jered, but he outran it, just missing the tongues of dangerous flames.

Faal squawked, and the two brothers burst toward some boulders. It would give them a little shelter. Another column of fire. Sweat trickled down Jered’s stiff and hot neck.

With a small hint to Faal to follow him, Jered burst from shelter and ran for the covering trees that were not very far away. They would give a little more cover than the boulders would.

Hiding in the brush as much as they possibly could, Jered and Faal ran along. They started to head back to the main road, trying to keep the path they had followed at least in sight.

“We’ve been tricked!” Jered told Faal as they ran and dodged fire blasts.

The Samman shrieked behind them and kept on coming, it’s wings beating the air faster as it picked up speed and came closer to the two retreating figures.

A Silence in the Shadows

Caleb E King

Copyright © 2018 Caleb E King

All rights reserved.

Note: This piece of work has been specifically selected and edited for the convenience of the readers, and came from a novel in progress.  Not an official piece of the novel.

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