Character Bio: Flogii

Name: Flogii Story: A Silence in the Shadows Occupation: None Equipment: None, but has wizard magic Special Note: Flogii and Crog, another wizard, used to travel the lands fighting strange beasts and saving villages from their wrath. Flogii, the nice old man Jered and Faal gave eggs to once a week, was really a wizard. … Continue reading Character Bio: Flogii

Character Bio: Crater Hawson

Name: Crater Hawson Story: A Silence in the Shadows Occupation: The Silent Force Equipment: Sword Special Note: Crater was the leader of the team that came and saved Belak when he was escaping from the Ocpots. Crater Hawson, a man with good humor and laughs can set anyone at ease. But also a leader and … Continue reading Character Bio: Crater Hawson