Snow Day: A Winter Sonnet

Snow falls to the muddy ground.

Icicles gather under the gutter.

A squirrel stops without a sound,

To hear the wind howl and mutter.


The clouds are gray, the earth is white.

Snowflakes swim through the air,

the squirrel dodges one and ducks out of sight.

The sun peeks out with a white glare.


All is at peace, there is nothing to fear.

Sounds are blanketed by the layer of snow.

It won’t be till spring until the icicle sheds its first tear.

Now is the time of tea, play, and reading slow.

Hello hello, everyone!

Well, we’re in the middle of Winter. What better time to share a winter sonnet with you all?

I hope you enjoyed the poem! 🙂

Until later,

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