I Started a YouTube Channel!!

You might be thinking…WHAAAAT???

Yes! It’s true! The title is 100% true!

Now, the next thing you might be thinking is: “You started a writing YouTube channel?”

Well, no. It’s not a writing YouTube channel. It’s actually an animation YouTube channel!

Let me explain. You guys probably all ready know that I have a lot of interests. For the longest time, I’ve been creating 2-D animations as a fun hobby, but never really did anything with the animations. They just sat on my computer. I would occasionally show them to my friends if I thought of it.

But I wanted something a little more official–a place to share this hobby more easily and begin to grow something small. And so, what better way to share my goofy animations than start a YouTube channel! And so here it is! If you want, please please please go check it out and subscribe!

My current, loose goal is to reach 100 subscribers by the end of this month–July 2020! So, please go check it out!

Check it out here!!

Anyway, I think that’s about it for this weeks post. I just wanted to share that exciting news with all of you.

See you all next week!

Until later,

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