Book Review: Adorning the Dark

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! Today I have something very exciting–my first ever book review!

I have never done one of these so please forgive me if I mess anything up.

Okay, got it? Then let’s move on!

Adorning the Dark, by Andrew Peterson

Pages: 224

Genre: Non-Fiction

Review: 5/5 Stars

When I heard Andrew Peterson was coming out with a new book, I was thrilled. I’ve read his fantasy series, The Wingfeather Saga, three times, and love it so much.

So it came out, life happened, do de do dah, whatever, I never got around to buying it–then BANG! My parents got it for me for Christmas. And I was so happy! I devoured it pretty quick.

In a nutshell (which is very hard for this book) Adorning the Dark is the story of Andrew Peterson’s life as a singer/songwriter, and the many lessons he’s learned over the years.

But it’s almost impossible to shorten this book. It’s so jam-packed full of different things, different lessons, and different stories, you can’t really summarize it. You just have to read it!

What did I like about this book?

It is such a great book!! Andrew Peterson is so, so, wise, and the lessons he talks about are amazing! I also love his little stories. They’re great.

It’s so full of wonderful gems and hilarious moments. I just…love it.

What did I dislike about this book?

This section is irrelevant. 😀

Okay, well, on a serious note, the only thing I didn’t like is that he didn’t talk enough about The Wingfeather Saga, or his writing. He talked mostly about his songwriting and singing. Then again, that’s his full time job, so…yeah. Personal preference. That’s it.


Amazing. Outstanding. So awesome.

I would suggest this book to all Christian Artists. Ever. Ever ever ever. Okay? If you are a Christian Artist, GET THIS BOOK OKAY???

If you are NOT a Christian Artist, get it anyway. It’s such an amazing book, and you will learn lessons from it. It’s just…good, okay? It’s good. You got that? Good.

Check it out now!!

Anyway, yep, that’s about it. I love this book. Get it. Read it. Love it. Bye!

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12 thoughts on “Book Review: Adorning the Dark

      1. That’s exciting! I can’t wait to see more from you!

        Hmm, I guess my biggest tip would be to have a structure you can go to every time you write a review. What you have here could work, if that’s what you want to use (what you liked, what you didn’t, etc.). It’s also a lot of gushing, which some books admittedly are XD But that’s okay, too. It shows how much you enjoyed the read.

        When posting my own reviews, I try to address several key points in the hopes that it will help others decide if they want to try the book or not. Aside from including the synopsis and links to any other works in the series, my reviews typically touch on the following elements: Setting/worldbuilding, characters, plot, writing technicalities, and notable content/themes.

        But everyone reviews in a different way. I’d just suggest having some kind of a structure you can turn to to make the review useful and also to stay consistent across your reviews with that structure as much as possible. 🙂

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      2. That’s great! Thanks so much!
        Yeah, it was hard to figure out a structure for this one because I didn’t find any flaws with it and it’s non-fiction, so I couldn’t do the characters, plot, ect. structure.
        But yeah, I’m hoping I’ll write some more reviews soon and figure out how I want to do them!


      3. Yeah, non-fiction books do have a different structure for sure! I think those are more personal reviews, honestly. You’re expressing how the book affected you and what you learned and drew from the book (as well as clarity, unique approaches to the topic, and organization, etc.)

        Can’t wait to see where you go with this!

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  1. I literally just got that book this morning because my aunt decided to lend it to me, so I was very excited to see that you reviewed it in your email, and now I am even more excited to read it. Great timing, Caleb! 😄

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