Thanksgiving Poem: Autumn’s Melody

Come on, come on, leave your constant worries for a time. Hear the cars in the driveway as family arrives. They come inside, their voices sound in the living room, chasing away a rainy day’s darkness and foul gloom. Come on, come on, loved ones are here, with arms open wide. ~ Come look, come … Continue reading Thanksgiving Poem: Autumn’s Melody

3 Awesome Books I Read in 2021

I read quite a few books in 2021. Admittedly, the majority of them were rereads of some of my favorite books. I'm a sucker for rereading great stories! However, I did get around to reading quite a few new novels I'd never read, and there were some in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed! Today I … Continue reading 3 Awesome Books I Read in 2021