Sun Castle: A Picture-Prompt Flash Fiction

Hey everyone!! I enjoyed writing the original "Two Picture-Prompt Flash Fictions" post so much, I decided to do it again!! This flash fiction is called "Sun Castle", with this picture as the prompt: (I hold no ownership of this image. All rights go to the creator.) Without further ado, enjoy!! Throughout all of Bethsorda the … Continue reading Sun Castle: A Picture-Prompt Flash Fiction

Character Bio: Flogii

Name: Flogii Story: A Silence in the Shadows Occupation: None Equipment: None, but has wizard magic Special Note: Flogii and Crog, another wizard, used to travel the lands fighting strange beasts and saving villages from their wrath. Flogii, the nice old man Jered and Faal gave eggs to once a week, was really a wizard. … Continue reading Character Bio: Flogii