Poem: Whispers of the Wind

Wind comes rushing down the plain, murmuring in its quiet tone, assuring that there soon comes rain, and to the fields that are sown, ~ that their thirst will be quenched, their roots will be fed, that they will not be wrenched, from the earth, lifeless, dead. ~ The wind continues, rustling the brush, patting … Continue reading Poem: Whispers of the Wind

Poem: Leaf in the Wind

Grown on a tree, the leaf does sway. ~ A current of wind comes, and pulls it away. ~ It swirls from the tree. Dances in the air. ~ Spins on the gust, high, light, and fair. ~ It passes a bird, topples over a tree. ~ Surveys a hill, far down to see. ~ … Continue reading Poem: Leaf in the Wind