Flames: A Flash Fiction

The heat was unbearable. He stood there, his eyes in a half-squint, as he stared at the flames, which leaped and twisted like an injured animal. The dancing tongues of heat roared and crackled in his ears. There was the sharp splintering of a wood beam breaking under the stress of the heat. It fell … Continue reading Flames: A Flash Fiction

Short Story: To War

Hey, ya'll. You know how in most stories you always here about the amazing hero that always survives his battles and kills many foes? Well I was thinking, what is it like to be the single random soldier that is in the fronts lines of a massive battle? What is it like to be the … Continue reading Short Story: To War

Novel Snippets: Mexlor Tournaments: Mysterious Warrior

The fighters on the other team began to walk forward,  and seeing them, the group of the underground army stepped forward, weapons raised, ready to fight. Branden moved forward, Talitha and Jake flanking him. Three other fighters broke from the crowd of other fighters, and moved to confront them, eagerness and happiness visible on their … Continue reading Novel Snippets: Mexlor Tournaments: Mysterious Warrior