Taking a Step Back (Updates and Rambles)

Hey, everyone. This post was not planned whatsoever. It may be a bit ramble-ish and jumbled, and for that I'm sorry. I'll get right into it. I don't know how long I've felt like this, but for quite a long time, I've felt like I've been in a writing stand-still. Nothing's really moving. I don't … Continue reading Taking a Step Back (Updates and Rambles)

A New Year!//2020 Changes

Hello, everyone!! Welcome to the first post on this blog in 2020! Happy New Year! Today I just wanted to talk a little about the blog and what I'm going to do with it in 2020. NOTE: Don't worry about anything drastic changing, it's not like I'm shutting the blog down or changing schedules or … Continue reading A New Year!//2020 Changes