Top 5 Annoying Bookworm Moments

Us bookworms face many annoying moments. 😉 1: When you allude to an awesome book series that was later made into movies and someone asks you what it’s from, and when you tell them, they say, “Oh yeah! I liked those movies.” 2: When you’re watching a movie after reading it as a book and … Continue reading Top 5 Annoying Bookworm Moments

Top 5 Embarrassing Writer Moments

Yes. This time it’s embarrassing writer moments. Let’s go. 😉 1: When someone is talking to you normally and then you get a writing idea. You leap straight into the air, yelling in excitement, and rush away to find a piece of paper to write it down on, leaving the other person confused in mid-sentence. … Continue reading Top 5 Embarrassing Writer Moments