Top 5 Proudest Bookworm Moments

Well, I couldn't resist. I had to write another bookworm list. Hope you like this one! 😛 Top 5 Proudest Bookworm Moments: 1: When you count the books you own, slowly tallying them up, whispering the numbers off as they rise higher and higher, and when you are done, you realize you have over a … Continue reading Top 5 Proudest Bookworm Moments

Top 10 Saddest Bookworm Moments

1: When you are holding the book with one hand, riveted to the story,and then one finger slips and the book shuts, thus loosing your page and bringing you out of the story. 2: When someone knocks on the door of your room and calls you for lunch. 3: When you reach for your beverage … Continue reading Top 10 Saddest Bookworm Moments