Thanksgiving Poem: Autumn’s Melody

Come on, come on, leave your constant worries for a time. Hear the cars in the driveway as family arrives. They come inside, their voices sound in the living room, chasing away a rainy day’s darkness and foul gloom. Come on, come on, loved ones are here, with arms open wide. ~ Come look, come … Continue reading Thanksgiving Poem: Autumn’s Melody

Short Story: Strength Together: Part 2

Drake ducked under Terrance's swing and then countered with a blazing left cut. Terrance caught it and pushed it forcefully out of the way. Drake slid his blade away from his friends' and leaped high, ready to defeat Terrance once and for all, and then a tap on the back meant he had been defeated. … Continue reading Short Story: Strength Together: Part 2