4 Years of Blogging!

4 years. Whoa. It's pretty crazy when I look back on it--four years of writing blog posts, interacting with readers, growing and improving in my writing. It's been a wild ride, and I wouldn't go back and erase it for the world! It has been so much fun, and so beneficial to my writing journey … Continue reading 4 Years of Blogging!

It’s Been a Long Road… (Big Changes)

December 3rd, 2017. I created my first ever blog, along with my email list. I posted my introduction post the day after, and posted my first blog post five days after that. (Man, looking back at those first blog posts brings back a lot of cringe and memories!) Ever since then, every Saturday, for close … Continue reading It’s Been a Long Road… (Big Changes)

How to Write on a Consistent Schedule

There are times when something is making you not want to write. It might be procrastination. It might be writer’s block. It might be sheer stress, or discouragement, or timidness, or world-building problems, or...anything! Whatever it is, it always feels like there’s just this weight on you whenever you think about writing. That happens a … Continue reading How to Write on a Consistent Schedule