Short Story: Prisoners of the Dark

It was dark. When Cillan opened his eyes, he felt like nothing had changed. He breathed in stuffy, humid air and let out a quiet groan. Are there hammers pounding my head? He pushed himself painfully onto his elbows and looked around. All was pitch-black. “Where in the kingdom...” Cillan began, but stopped abruptly. A … Continue reading Short Story: Prisoners of the Dark

I Started a YouTube Channel!!

You might be thinking...WHAAAAT??? Yes! It's true! The title is 100% true! Now, the next thing you might be thinking is: "You started a writing YouTube channel?" Well, no. It's not a writing YouTube channel. It's actually an animation YouTube channel! Let me explain. You guys probably all ready know that I have a lot … Continue reading I Started a YouTube Channel!!

How to Deal With the 1,274 Book Ideas You Have Right Now (And Counting)

Yep. I've been there too. All those ideas for awesome books and every single one so good that you want to write it right then and there.Actually I still haven't gotten over it but this is beside the point. What I'm saying, is that us writers always have new ideas popping into our heads, and … Continue reading How to Deal With the 1,274 Book Ideas You Have Right Now (And Counting)