Inktober Pt. 2: The Writing

Hello hello everyone! Last week I showed you all the drawings I did for Inktober. But I've also been doing writing for the Inktober prompts this year! Everyday I've written a snippet for the prompt. Now, I didn't really want to jump around with characters etc., so I decided to create a group of characters … Continue reading Inktober Pt. 2: The Writing

Inktober Pt. 1: The Drawings

Hello hello, everyone!! Well, Inktober is almost over. And I've done every single day!! However, I think it would be a rather long and boring post if I showed you every drawing I've done. So I'm going to just show you some of my favorite drawings from Inktober that I've drawn so far! Hope you … Continue reading Inktober Pt. 1: The Drawings