Reorganizing My Bookshelves for the First Time!

Ever since we moved into a new house a few years ago, my only thought was to make sure all of my books would fit in my room. Miraculously, with the help of 3 large bookshelves and another small one, they fit! And I've kind of let them arrange themselves for the most part. They … Continue reading Reorganizing My Bookshelves for the First Time!

My 2021 Summer TBR List!

Summer is cominnnng!! *confetti explosion* Summer!! *coughs* anyway...anyone else excited? One thing I want to do a lot of this summer is...reading! You probably guessed that by the title! I love sitting back in a chair on our back porch with a glass of lemonade by my side and read in the light of the … Continue reading My 2021 Summer TBR List!