Thanksgiving Poem: Autumn’s Melody

Come on, come on, leave your constant worries for a time. Hear the cars in the driveway as family arrives. They come inside, their voices sound in the living room, chasing away a rainy day’s darkness and foul gloom. Come on, come on, loved ones are here, with arms open wide. ~ Come look, come … Continue reading Thanksgiving Poem: Autumn’s Melody

How to Write in the Holiday Season

It's about that time again! Decorations are appearing in every window of every house, families are beginning to gather more and more frequently, and despite the days growing darker and the weather growing worse, a light is lit in people's eyes as we head into the joyous holiday months! From Halloween to New Years, two … Continue reading How to Write in the Holiday Season

5 Activities to do When You Need a Writing Break

The act of writing steals a surprising amount of mental energy! Sometimes it can creep up unknowingly. One moment you're deep into writing an emotional dialogue scene, and the next you're sitting at the blinking cursor on your screen, without a single sentence coming to your mind. When this happens, sometimes it's best to get … Continue reading 5 Activities to do When You Need a Writing Break