3 Ways to Shorten Your Novel

When I was eleven, I sat down at our family computer armed with nothing but an empty document in front of me and not a single outlined sentence to be seen, determined to begin (and eventually complete) my very first full-length, 50,000+ word novel. And I did it! The finished first draft was officially 50,026 … Continue reading 3 Ways to Shorten Your Novel

Rare Moment: a description poem

Morning, with fresh air and damp grass soft turf under my feet, as I stand, still and at peace bumble bees putting around flowers, treacherously lifting their great mass a soft breeze ruffling my hair and cooling my face, a moment I never wish to release ~ My nose catches the clear smell of the … Continue reading Rare Moment: a description poem

Improve Description in Your Writing With These 3 Tips

Do you ever struggle writing description that keeps your reader’s attention? Would you like to be able to write beautiful, vivid descriptions that lay out a wonderful, fascinating scene before the people who are reading your story? Now, I’m not saying I’m a master at this and you aren’t! I’m still learning how to write … Continue reading Improve Description in Your Writing With These 3 Tips