Book Lover Blog Tag

Hello everybody!! I have been tagged by Allison Grace at to do the book-lover blog tag! Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.Include the Book-Lover Blog Tag graphic and rules in your post.Answer the questions.Nominate at least 5 new bloggers to do the tag. All right! Now to … Continue reading Book Lover Blog Tag

Behind the Blogger Book Tag (My First Book Tag!)

Okay, guys. I hath been nominated by Keziah at to do this book tag. Thanks, Keziah! Everyone, I've never done a book tag before so *hides* if I do something wrong don't kill me! All right, here we go. This'll be fun! THE RULES: • Thank the person who nominated you• Answer all the … Continue reading Behind the Blogger Book Tag (My First Book Tag!)