My 2021 Summer TBR List!

Summer is cominnnng!! *confetti explosion* Summer!! *coughs* anyway...anyone else excited? One thing I want to do a lot of this summer is...reading! You probably guessed that by the title! I love sitting back in a chair on our back porch with a glass of lemonade by my side and read in the light of the … Continue reading My 2021 Summer TBR List!

Do You Have Goals for 2021?

Hey, everyone! Well, the new year has come. We made it through 2020! I'm not the person to set New Year's resolutions. I feel like they're kind of silly and also bound to fail. Generally, you get all hyped beforehand, promising yourself you'll change and become a new person in the year to come. You … Continue reading Do You Have Goals for 2021?