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A Silence in the Shadows


Paperback and Ebook


Paperback: $13.99

Ebook: $3.99


Pages: 441

Words: 74,031


Jered and Faal Willii’s village is run by strange, mysterious cloaked people simply known as the “Tax Collectors”. When the boys’ old friend is attacked by the Tax Collectors, he sends them into the mountains to find a wizard who will provide them a way to help save their village. They set out immediately, but it is too late. When they return they find their village is overrun by the Tax Collectors, which they find out are really monsters called Ocpots. Jered and Faal fight a hopeless battle against them—until the Silents show up.

The Silents, a group of fighters trained in the arts of stealth, strategy, and endurance, have sworn to destroy the threat of the Ocpots at all cost.

Jered and Faal join forces with the Silents and begin to fight against the Ocpots, who they discover have not only controlled their village, but have oppressed much of the world. The struggle is far from over. They must discover where the leader of the Ocpots is, what he is doing, and attempt to defeat him. Are their skills, their friends, and their relationship strong enough to prevail?

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