Flames: A Flash Fiction

The heat was unbearable. He stood there, his eyes in a half-squint, as he stared at the flames, which leaped and twisted like an injured animal. The dancing tongues of heat roared and crackled in his ears. There was the sharp splintering of a wood beam breaking under the stress of the heat. It fell … Continue reading Flames: A Flash Fiction

Short Story: Unafraid

This time he would hit it. Power surged through Terrance’s arms. He felt the warmth of the glow on his face, the tingle of power in his fingers. Lifting his head and opening his eyes just a crack, he locked onto the hay bale thirty paces away. Come on, Terrance. You can do it this … Continue reading Short Story: Unafraid

How I Dealt With My First Rejection + Rejected Short Story

I saw the reply to my submission email. Anxiously, heart fluttering in my chest, I clicked it open. I was rejected. They thought my theme was nice, but the writing was too much telling and not showing, and the characters needed development. YAY!! You may not think this is the time to celebrate. I mean, … Continue reading How I Dealt With My First Rejection + Rejected Short Story