Poem: Something to Say

Hey, all! This is a poem that I wrote a really long time ago, but just recently dug it up and rewrote it. It's kinda random, but I hope you like it! The rushing stream is babbling, dancing, rushing, dabbling. ~ Leaves fall in and float away, To be found again some other day. ~ … Continue reading Poem: Something to Say

Short Story: Heartless Arrow

It was time. I settled down onto my stomach, set my cheek slowly onto my outstretched arm, and squinted one eye. The folds of my cloak were soft against my face. Carefully keeping my eyes on my target, I slid one hand back to my belt and curled two fingers around the feathered end of … Continue reading Short Story: Heartless Arrow

How to Write on a Consistent Schedule

There are times when something is making you not want to write. It might be procrastination. It might be writer’s block. It might be sheer stress, or discouragement, or timidness, or world-building problems, or...anything! Whatever it is, it always feels like there’s just this weight on you whenever you think about writing. That happens a … Continue reading How to Write on a Consistent Schedule