Thanksgiving Poem: Autumn’s Melody

Come on, come on, leave your constant worries for a time.

Hear the cars in the driveway as family arrives.

They come inside, their voices sound in the living room,

chasing away a rainy day’s darkness and foul gloom.

Come on, come on, loved ones are here, with arms open wide.


Come look, come look, at the dinner that is fresh prepared,

platters and plates of warm, good food steaming in the air.

There are long hugs and greetings for everyone around.

The room is filled with clinking plates but then laughter’s sound,

goes still as the eldest bows his head and says a prayer.


Come sit, come sit, around the fire as we dim the lights

and bask in the warming red flame sparking, glowing bright.

We pass around a popcorn bowl, talk with voices low,

speaking of fun days ahead and of the chance of snow,

until the guests wave goodbye and step into the night.


Can you hear, can you hear, rain patter on the rooftop?

A sound so rhythmic and calming, you hope it won’t stop.

It’s a delicate whisper from God, oh can’t you see?

Almost like He speaks to us through autumn’s melody,

bringing comfort and peace through every drumming raindrop.


Come rest, come rest, as the wind crashes and cries outside

to the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin, and soothing chai.

Be encouraged by the good truths that make our hearts skip,

which are that even in the dark days of winter’s grip,

we may stay warm inside if in God’s grace we abide.

Thank you so much for reading my Thanksgiving poem, friend! Wow, here we are, just a few days away from Thanksgiving! Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I hope you have a wonderful day next thursday, celebrating the holiday, but most importantly thanking God for the countless and incredible blessings He has given all of us!

What is something you’re especially thankful for this year? And did you like the poem? Comment below, I’d love to chat with you! Have an incredible weekend, and thank you again for reading!


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