I Tried Writing the Same Poem in 3 Styles!

Well hello there, dear reader!

I have a very fun blog post for you today. Assuming you read the title, you know exactly where this is going! I tried writing the SAME POEM in 3 DIFFERENT, UNIQUE STYLES!

I can’t remember how I originally got this idea, but as soon as I thought about it I knew it had to be a blog post! So here we are!

To get started, I scoured the ends of the earth (or just did a basic internet search) to find some cool picture prompts that would give me the motivation I needed to develop a poem concept!

After a time I settled on this photo:

With that in mind, I started writing poems! The first one was a simple free-verse with an alternate rhyme scheme. This happens to be the poetry form I’m most comfortable in. I can basically do whatever I want, only sticking to the rhyme scheme, and nail down the concept before moving on to the two other poetry forms! Without further ado, I give you my free-verse:

Winter’s Thaw:

Frozen in space like the outward shell of a life.

Icicles streaming down a cliff, fixed in a never-ending stall.

The forest’s hush so heavy it could be cut with a knife,

and in the middle of it all, the iced-over winter waterfall.


The chill tendrils of winter maintain their grasp on everything,

blankets of snow and ice muffle every movement and sound.

Animals are nowhere in sight, not a tail showing or a bird to sing.

Even the flowers hide, nothing disturbs the snow on the ground.


Then a ray of golden light comes sweeping from the sky.

The clouds part, giving way to just a little sun.

Its warmth spreads across the snow, combating winter’s lie

that all should be frozen and silent, and never play and run.


The clouds part further and further, letting in more light.

Beads of water begin to form, dripping from their solid state.

A grumble from the sleeping river sounds in growing might.

Ice begins to splinter and break, like a fallen plate.


Then bursting forth in the glitter of a thousand gems

the waterfall is free to run again, shattering the ice.

It sprints down the rocks and stones, crashing against the river’s hems

and streams on and on, bubbling and laughing, free of winter’s vice.


Days of sun continue to shine, welcoming the start of spring.

A squirrel’s eyes blink from a tree, and a bear peeks from its cave’s maw.

A rose blooms scarlet above the fleeing snow, a bird lifts its beak to sing,

and the sun smiles down upon it all, the announcer of winter’s thaw.

I hope you enjoyed that!! With the main poem completed, I decided to make a couple of shorter ones–poem styles that are a little more restricted and challenging for me! The first one is a good old acrostic poem!

Waterfall frozen in a solid state
Icicles tumbling down the rocks

Nothing moves, all is still

The forest rests in hibernation

Everything hides from winter’s touch

Reaching through the clouds then,

Sunlight pours down, warming ice and snow

Teardrops of water drip from icicles

Heat gives the waterfall the chance to break free

And as the river runs again, the forest awakens from

Winter’s thaw

Certainly not the best acrostic in the world, but it was so enjoyable to write!!

Finally, to wrap up the blog post, I had to write this poem in a style that we all know I love…a haiku!!

Winter’s Thaw: a haiku

Waterfall frozen

Sun shines and frees the water

Begins winter’s thaw

And there we have it. One poem, one image, one concept, translated into three different poetry forms! I know this was a bit of a different blog post, but I hope you enjoyed reading it! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading. Have a beautiful day! Until later,

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2 thoughts on “I Tried Writing the Same Poem in 3 Styles!

  1. Hi, it’s nice to meet you, Caleb! Feel free to call me Lily.
    So, I’m not a poet (it was never my thing lol.) but this was so cool how you wrote the same poem in different styles. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing this!

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