Moments || an encouraging story

Hey everyone! This post is a little different than my normal ones! It’s not a fiction story or an article on writing. It’s something I experienced in real life and was just stunned at how incredible this was. So I tried writing it down, and I want to share it with you all, in hopes that it can be an encouragement and motivation to you.

So without further ado, dear reader, enjoy!

It rained all day. I mean buckets of rain pounding down to earth. Eventually, it slowed to a depressing drizzle. Dark gray clouds plagued the sky, and a blanket of humidity stifled any chance of clear air. It was perhaps the glummest weather we’d had all winter.

My brother and I have a daily ritual of jogging to a park nearby our house, to get a little exercise and fresh air. The weather was so dull today that I almost considered kicking my feet back and staying home, holed up in my room with the curtains of my window tightly drawn together.

Well, when my brother knocked on my bedroom door to ask if I wanted to come today, I struggled a moment. However, this daily habit is a strong one, and it finally won over my laziness. I pulled on my jacket and we went for our jog. Once we arrived at the park I started a casual workout, and my brother left to go back home.

While I was hanging around, a little bored and tired in the gloomy weather, something changed. A sharp breeze picked up, and the trees swayed and waved in the sudden gusts. Fresh, chill air washed over me and I breathed in deep. At that moment the clouds split flawlessly open to allow beams of sunlight to erupt over the park, where it lay on the horizon just before it set. I ran into the sunlight and basked in the glorious light, shocked and awed at the sudden change in the day.

Then, turning, I saw a flawless rainbow stretching high over the horizon directly opposite the sun. I stood there for a good five minutes, turning to admire the golden beams of the sun, then swiveling to look at the rainbow so perfectly placed against the dark gray clouds that had once made me not even want to step outside today.

I just wanted to share this with you all to say that even on the darkest, gloomiest, dull days, God can do amazing things, and show you beautiful moments you’ll treasure in your heart forever. I almost didn’t go on my normal jog today. if I hadn’t, I would have missed that beautiful moment. So keep your head high. Keep showing up and persevering, even on the days you don’t feel like getting out of bed. If you give in and don’t, you might be missing a golden sun and a rainbow of your own. I hope this was encouraging to you!

Until later,

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